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How do you show others mercy and how do you see mercy in your own life?

As St Faustina said, we should consider it "always and everywhere."

Although we know that love and mercy are central tenets to our Christian faith, often we may have no idea how that actually looks.

I had the absolute pleasure of interviewing Lara Patangan, an amazing "ordinary" woman, who gifted herself a year of doing the works of mercy for her 40th birthday - which transformed her outlook, her faith, and her relationship with God. She wrote about her all her encounters and experiences in such a way that had me laughing out loud one minute, and getting hit in the feels the next - often in the same paragraph! Her writing style is so engaging and enjoyable. Lara shares both the straightforward and the nuances you may not have thought of on how to live out the spiritual and corporal works of mercy in your daily life. This is a fresh, practical way to live your faith out loud.

"Mercy and grace are like opposite sides of the same coin, both given freely by God while paying exponential dividends."

Get the book "Simple Mercies" by Lara Patangan and let yourself be transformed into a gift for yourself, others, and most importantly, God. He loves you as you are, and by showing up in service, you can allow Him to work through your ordinariness, making your life a living prayer.

Find Lara at, subscribe to her awesome newsletter, and connect with her on the socials.

To snag your very own copy of "Simple Mercies", check out under amazon favorites> podcast mentions.

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